Restaurant Review: BLT Burger

BLT Burger
470 6th Ave
New York, NY 10010
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

Gimme ma' burgah! That's what BLT Burger brought out of me the other day. They have a variety of burgers on their menu, and since I love to get more bang for my buck, I got the sliders. You can pick from a black burger, bbq pulled pork, buffalo chicken, and crispy cod. Can I just say that if the mini-burgers were that tasty, I can just imagine what the full size burgers taste like. I think one day I just might be a complete burger beast and eat a few sliders for an appetizer, and then a heavy-duty burger for the main course. Why haven't I considered this brilliant idea before? Because I'm a whack. Anyhow, I also had a fabulously rich, creamy, cookie monster milkshake with cookie dough bits, loads of chips ahoy cookies, and whipped cream....mmmm whipped cream. I think next time I will try the twinkie boy milkshake with twinkies and caramel syrup. Do you think I could ask them to fry the twinkies first? Why don't you check it out and ask them...let me know the verdict! Happy eating!

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