Food Time: Patty and Bun

Patty and Bun
61 W 8th St
Manhattan, NY 10011
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

Third times a charm. So I went here again this weekend and I went with the women in the young leaders group at my church. All I had this time was a soda, but I love this place. The ambiance is cozy, with wooden tables, newspaper print walls, dim lighting, and one long marble bar counter. And they're all burgers, all the time (and an occasional "other" here and there). 

So can I just shout out my friend Rach, who thought it was a Jamaican spot with beef patties, cheese and bun. Ha! Love that girl! 

Anyhow, I love the french toast with drunken bananas, peaches, and walnuts. It was totally drenched in blueberry port maple syrup. The challah bread is crisp on the edges and incredibly soft on the inside, the peaches seem to be coated in a light sugar syrup and the walnuts give just the right amount of crunch! Then the fluffy ricotta pancakes simply melt in your mouth, and the raspberry quince sauce has a tangy-sweetness that compliments the ricotta's smooth and creamy after-taste. And can I just say that the havoc burger with its 3 meats and chimichurri sauce is like the 21st century rendition of a barbarian dinner! Just barbaric! Yes! As for you more proper individuals who prefer small bites and knives and forks, go in and try the sliders...always a classic. Bon appetit!