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Letter to the Editor: Yael Kohen
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What is a stiletto stoner you ask? Well from reading Yael Kohen's article I think its safe to assume that its a woman in her mid 20's to 30's, who's at the peak of her career and smokes pot to unwind, in oppose to the nightly cosmopolitans and apple martinis. When I ran across this article in Marie Claire, I was like "what is this news?! Everybody knows that pot- smokers come in all shapes, sizes, and bank accounts." But the truth of the matter is that as people we don't like to feel any discomfort, we don't like to suffer. So of course we're always looking for some quick fix, some microwave solution. And be it the age of high income potheads or $100 bill coke addicts, the fear of actually "dealing" with our lives still exists.

What I thought most interesting about Kohen's article was the 28 yr old reality tv production manager who said there's no need to hide her habit because everyone at her job uses the same pot dealer. Classic! I read this and was thinking to myself, isn't weed still considered a drug? A depressant to be more exact. Aren't people still subject to charges if caught? Kohen did make note of the fact that pot is becoming widely accepted all over the country. First time offenders who sell in "small increments" are getting off easy, the medicinal properties of the drug allow some people to be licensed to grow it in their backyards, and in some places its as accesible as milk at the grocery store. But what happened to the fact that in high doses over time brain cells are actually terminated, or the fact that each drag is equivalent to 6 pulls on a cigarette and hence can lead to lung cancer? I guess the answer is that as long people still have lives in need of escaping, and weed toking remains a non-felony offense, dealers will still exist in the workplace and stiletto stoners will always have a cheaper habit to drown their sorrows in. Sad, but such is life.

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