Fashion Faux Pas: Spring/Summer Neutrals

Being temporarily stationed in a tropical location does not make color your only outfitting option. When next you think of traveling to the tropics, be it Barbados or Victoria Island, St.Tropez or Trinidad and Tobago, make sure to pack some neutrals and earth tones to give your wardrobe an even balance. Vacationing in tans, burnt orange, greens, browns and even whites are colors for the cool. Literally. Neutral colors don't attract as much heat as their brighter counterparts and so you stay cooler longer.

Fashion houses, Chanel and Gucci have both designed ideal tans, creams and even powder blue pieces in everything from light cotton to linen to keep you cool in the heat of your holiday travels. The best traveling pieces, by far, are still seersuckers or linen shorts and pants with a crisp button down shirt (avoid heavy cotton and some polyester blends) paired with canvas sneakers or sandals. Women can dress it up with a nice beaded turquoise stones set and bejeweled flats.

While men can try seersucker's in a cropped trouser look, which Galliano has made into a hot item this year, and adorn the look with their favorite cologne and watch for jet-setting fun! Whatever your choice, make sure you stay fashionably comfortable.

John Galliano