Officially a Size 3/4! Word.

Today on my lunch break I decided to go buy some work pants. I've been wearing jeans, slacks, and pants that are held up only by the saving grace of a belt. Not to mention my skinny jeans now fashion straight leg or boy-cut jeans. But anyhow, I ran into the most awesome problem ever: all the small pants were still too BIG for me! I was slightly agitated at first because I really have to let go of the leggings...I mean, I could wear them long after they go out of style, but come on. I'm an adult with a real job. Then it hit me, the realization of the fact that I am officially a "skinny mini", a "lepa" as is the term in my native tongue. I was thrilled. I ran through the store searching for size 6, then a 4, then a 2. A size 2...and it fit, a bit tighter than I prefer, but it fit!

What was my plan of action you ask? Simple: in February 2010 I decided that being overweight really is a problem...I even went as far as to call it a sin due to the greed and gluttony that I so easily gave in to. I just no longer desired to be a woman who lacked discipline and self-control, and I could see it in other areas of my life. So I got a trainer and changed my eating habits. I worked out 2 days a week, then 4- 5 days when I picked up momentum. I kept a food journal and counted calories daily. I lost 20 lbs in 4 months and then kept it up on my own. I had to learn to love working out so I could be motivated. And the best motivation is RESULTS. I also get a gym "fee reimbursement", every 6 months, from my job, and I've decided to use it to buy new clothes for my newly svelte physique. I'm glad that I became radical about my health and I'm really grateful for the men and women God put in my life to help me.

Now...I ....must...go...extinguish...the...kryptonite...the evil evil strawberry cheescake. Lol, I still have a ways to go. But glad to have gotten this far. :)

What helped me: