Restaurant Review: Tue

3 Greenwich Avenue
New York, NY 10014

Tue rocks Thai! And for all the food you get (cuz this homegirl can eat!), its surprisingly inexpensive. $10 brunch specials till 4pm. I am the biggest fan of red, white and black decor, so I love the walls here. And the menu has the same "hand-drawn" design  as the walls. There's also a cute little sun-roof in the middle for some au naturale sunlight. 

As for food, well I generally love Thai food, so its all good in my book. But my favorite here is the massaman curry with the hot and spicy curry sauce, peanuts, veggies, and chicken breast pieces...yummy! However, I come here most often for the pomegranate ginger honey iced tea. Its made with pomegranate tea, sweet honey and real ginger for a nice kick...to the throat! Don't believe me? Go try it!


Travel: Jet Blue $20 Roundtrip- Happy Jetting

Again, my awesome co-worker put me on! Jet Blue has a twitter page and they run promotions for super- cheap flights within the U.S. and overseas. Its all part of a marketing strategy to not only stay current and relevant in the travel industry, but to use social networking to their advantage. You can even re-tweet the deals to your friends and on your blog. Well look Jet Blue, its working, I blogged it! With their awesome ads and quirky tag-lines, it seems as if Jet Blue is quickly becoming the new cool.

Buy tickets here: http://www.jetblue.com/deals/twitter/default.asp