Nigeria 2008

This is my country. Take it or leave it, but I love it!
See Nigeria and die! (Ok, maybe a tad bit overboard, don't go dying and junk, its just a metaphor;-)

Miami 2005/2007

If money was no object, I would own a condominium by the beach and live in Miami in the winters. I love this place, been twice and counting...

London 2007

Caribbean Carnival 2006

Every year, starting on Jamaica Ave in Brooklyn, is Caribbean Carnival where different islanders wear costumes to represent their island and dance in the streets. Its a sight to behold. I went in 2006, but due to illness, I couldn't make it to the streets. My girlfriends came back bearing gifts and photos.

Hampton VA 2006

And here we have Hampton ,VA. The above 4 photos are of scenic Hampton, the below 2 are of Hampton University. I went in 2007 and although I liked it, Hampton is very quiet and I've heard there is more to see near Old Dominion and Norfolk State.

Staten Island 2008

Memorial Day weekend 2008 we took a ride to Staten Island. Romantic to say the least...well if you can say that about a ride with my sister.

Verrazano Bridge 2008

An evening shot of the beautiful Verrazano Bridge in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. Bk all day;)

Brighton 2008

Brighton Beach. Not much to see here, but restaurants, sand and water. However, the water is much cleaner, in fact people actually swim in it.

Washington D.C. 2008

This is Washington D.C. (My sister takes some great photos.)
I was fortunate enough to see fireworks while driving into D.C. over the bridge, and within a bird's eye-view of the monument and the capitol...magical to say the least.

Coney Island 2008

This is my 1st Coney Island trip, during one of my sister's many visits to NYC.
Although the ocean water pales in comparison to the crystal blues of Miami, its ocean nonetheless.

Boston 2008

This is my first trip to Boston. I went with some goofball friends to visit and make homemade pizza. (I had no camera, so while I saw this stuff, a friend took the pics.)