Image of the Week: Happy Holidays

For your viewing pleasure, you are forced to look at images that I took with my camera on Christmas Eve in New York City:). I think them lovely, you may beg to differ. But enjoy!

The Morning Star is shining....

And the angels are singing....

Poetry: A Silent Christmas

I love the holiday season, but I can't help but place myself in other people's shoes at times. This is a poem inspired by a good friend of mine. I hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I enjoyed writing it.

A Silent Christmas

The sun's rays crept into the corners of his eyes,
He raised the back of his hand,
Rubbed his eye in so coy a manner,
And peered over his pinkie to the door to his bedroom.
The door never opened,
No laughter filled the hallways,
No children ran in pajamas to impede upon his peace,
To wake him from his slumber,
Only the sun.

He listened to the pain-staking quietness,
Grieved over the absence of giggles and the scurrying of little feet.
He heard nothing, not so much as a peep.
No little children anxiously awaiting to unravel gift wrap,
No scents of hot apple cider creeping underneath his door,
Infusing the house, and his entire being with the aromas of Christmas.
No enchanting carols to permeate his ear drums,
Only silence.

He dare to put the white down comforter back over his head,
Dared to look over at the empty space in his queen size bed,
Dared to dream of the love of his life laying beside him,
Awaking to celebrate such a joyous occasion.
But no one lay beside him,
No one to stare at and thank God to have another holiday with,
No one to gently whisper a "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Holidays" to.
No reason to slowly climb out of bed so as to not disturb,
No one to instruct to go back to sleep,
So he could calm the rambunctious imaginary children.
No one.
Just him,
And his Silent Christmas.

~Olaitan F.