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L2E MetroNY: Jay-Z, Hip- Hop Saved My Life

Letter to the Editor: Talia Soghomonian

Original Metro NY article

So I read the free paper and I’m not ashamed to say it. And in my plight to write letters to editors of some of the most interesting, controversial, and amusing articles in every newspaper and magazine that I enjoy reading, I decided to write letters to the editors of my favorite free papers as well. So shoot me. (Not literally).

Talia Soghomonian did an excellent interview on Hip Hop mogul Jay-Z , who is a self-proclaimed “quiet guy”. I once heard that if you see Jay-Z on the streets of NY, your best bet is to throw up your deuces-- aka a peace sign as some non-rap enthusiasts prefer to call it-- and keep it moving. Now that’s one hard dude. His new album Blueprint 3 is his 11th No.1, he did a blow-out 9/11 concert last week (no pun intended), and he intends to keep revolutionizing hip-hop as long as the fans let him do it.

Best statement:

Talia: You’re also a businessman. You’re like the Donald Trump of hip-hop!
Jay-Z: You just made up a new phrase! I’ve never heard that one!

Best question:

Talia: Will [Chris] Brown’s legacy be left intact?
Jay-Z: It was a tragic mistake. But young kids make mistakes and hopefully get past it. I think he’s feeling the repercussions of his actions. Some­­times when you make a mistake, you gotta deal with it. There’ll be a day when this is behind him, but for now he has to deal with it.

Most thoughtful:

Talia: Your songs often read like journals — they’re very introspective at times. Is it therapeutic for you?
Jay-Z: Yeah, because as a person I’m not really talkative. My whole family’s like that. We keep a lot of things in. So for me, music is like therapy. It allows me to say what I want to say.

Kudos Talia!

Read the original interview here

Images from Jay-Z 's website