Restaurant Review: Paesano (Little Italy)

Paesano of Mulberry Street
136 Mulberry Street
New York, NY 10013
Neighborhood: Little Italy

I went to Paesano's for one of my best friend's birthdays and I got to taste a lot of little things at this place. I went to the gym first so I wouldn't feel guilty for all the rich sauces and fatty fried things I ate. The space is small, but spacious enough for expanding tummies. The calamari was tasty and crunchy, not soggy or heavily breaded like it sometimes is. I hate it when its like that too. Not appetizing. I also tasted some of the fried zucchini, which was a bit salty to me. The Joey's special salad was sooo yummy! I mean I genuinely love salads, but the zucchini and fresh mozzarella really made this bed o' greens worthwhile. I ordered cheese ravioli with meat, in a vodka sauce. The ravioli seemed to be filled with a mixture of ricotta and some other cheese, so you ravioli purists may not approve. I also had some of the birthday girl's veal, it was succulent, but I can't quite remember the name. All of it is relatively inexpensive in my opinion. But go and decide for yourself. Happy eating!

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What's $15 and Chic All Over?

So, my co-worker ran into the $15 store, where everything is literally $15, marked down from $30-$100 per piece.Its a steal. From browsing the site, I can say that some things are not quite worth 15 bucks, but the things that are are really fab! I made myself a little shopping cart of seevral goodies and didn't even break $150. Sweet, right! Anyhow, check it out: http://15dollarstore.com/

Jeffrey Campbell = Dope Shoe Love

Jeffrey Campbell packs a dope shoe game. In laymen terms that translates as, “The renowned shoe designer, Jeffrey Campbell, designs some incredible footwear.” I could easily own 12 shoes in his lookbook, without hesitation. (Well if money were no object of course). I ran across a few pieces that in the initial viewing, I was utterly perplexed by, but later on I realized I could totally make it work. They're like "chic chaps". I feel like styling a photoshoot right about now.  Anyhow, enjoy the images.