Feature: When I was 13...I liked Rappers and Pink Bikes

When I was 13 years old, I liked boys. I wasn't up on current events much, I went out to play with my siblings, rode pink bicycles and I had a crush on the rapper DMX. I knew nothing about what it meant to have a sense of style and a knowledge of fashion. All that resonated with me was the fact that if I didn't get a pair of stretchy Parasuco jeans and kung-foo baby doll slippers, I would be deemed "irrelevant" and continue on the rise to being the most uncool kid in middle school. I aimed for school honors and academic recognition, and avoided anyone that tried to fight me or worse yet, throw me in the garbage bin. I mean for goodness sakes, I bought my sneakers at Payless!*

Today, 13 year olds are fashion icons, they grace the covers of innovative fashion magazines, they wear Miu Miu, boast extensive vocabularies, and maintain internationally recognized blogs. One such tween is Tavi. I may be a bit late, but I came upon her blog a few months ago, once I actually decided to become a voracious blogger, and I was amazed. She is beyond her years. She has a knowledge of the fashion industry that supersedes most fashion interns. I think the most refreshing thing about her is that she has fun. She loves magazines, she reads newspapers, she goes to school, hates sports and makes nifty little hats and headpieces for her eclectic ensembles.

I thoroughly enjoy reading her blog when I can, I love seeing her featured on other people's blog sites and I am beguiled when I read about her on some magazine site that I frequent. So here's to being 13 again...an ode to Tavi.

*Note: By the way, nowadays I buy whatever I like from wherever I like, and Payless is not exempt. Fashion is bigger than designer labels and padded bank accounts.

Visit Tavi's Blog: http://tavi-thenewgirlintown.blogspot.com/

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