Mary J Blige & Drake -->The One

I think I really like this song...but in application to my life I wonder if me liking it is b/c its on the border of confident or conceited? Prideful or positive? Arrogant or ....ok I can't figure out any more rhyming or alliterative words to illustrate my point. But I'm feeling it. Listen/Watch Now:

Anyhow, after several decades and pushing 40, Mary J. Blige still looks fresh! I love love love the short blond cut.

Image courtesy of You Tube and Interscope Records.


  1. Based off of Mary's past...Being raped, physically abused, & being an ex drug user...I would look @ it as GROWTH!

  2. Thanx for the blog-post love Thaddeus...I totally agree w/you, I'm a big Mary J fan too :)