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Letter to the Editor CNN.com/US : Balloon Boy Saga Continues
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Bizarre hoax, class 3 misdemeanor, possible felony charges, and flying balloon children are all synonymous with the name of mad scientist Richard Heene. (And that is the nice way of putting it). I mean when I first heard of this whole ordeal I was enraged. Who in the world would "accidentally" let there 6 year old get caught up in a weather balloon? I mean for goodness sakes when I was tutoring a 6 year old, I'd practically yank his arm right out of the socket so he wouldn't cross the street on his own, let alone mistakenly allow him to climb into my flying aircraft experiment and fly halfway across Colorado.

The parents, who met a few years ago at a Hollywood acting class, have appeared on a number of shows over the years, including "Wife Swap". Authorities and law officials strongly believe that the whole thing was staged and that the couple wanted to gain media attention and their own television show. Well it looks like they succeeded at that endeavor. Funny thing is, when the couple's son Falcon, aka the balloon boy, was asked why he would pretend to be in the balloon and later go hide in a box in the attic, he innocently told the media officials that his parents "wanted a show." After 2 or 3 interviews with that same response, Falcon mysteriously became sick and his father had to answer the questions for him.

In my unsolicited opinion, I think that if this was indeed a deliberate act for attention, the couple should suffer the consequences of their actions, maybe not to the fullest extent of the law because I do believe in mercy, but imagine what real emergencies the Air Force and police departments could have been tending to.

Overall, I think its a shame when your own son gives you up. But then again, some people know no shame. I'm just glad the boy is safe.

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