What?!!! : The Rachel Zoe Project

So I had previously decided that I would stop writing fashion because I felt like even though I can do it, its not mentally stimulating enough for me. However, I decided to not begrudge those who thoroughly enjoy writing and reporting on fashion. Then I said I wanted to give up fashion styling because I was no longer visually stimulated enough to "create" art. But eventually I returned back to both writing and styling, but as a hobbyist. I realized a career in the world of fashion was too much headache for me, I'd rather have the option to do it when I want, how I want, and if I want. Who wouldn't?

But today I was reminded, yet again, why I do not style for a living. The Rachel Zoe Project. Here's a brief synopsis of the show: stress, shoes, fashion, styling, bananas, stress, couture, dying, divo/diva hate-love, cursing, stress, California, and more stress.

I've watched some pretty mindless stuff before--and occasionally I still do--but this I just can't get into. Sorry Rachel...rock on with the styling, but count me out on the viewing.

If its your cup of tea, enjoy!

More Zoe on Bravo TV

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