Fidelity: Wits, Faith, or Brainpower?

Some women believe it to be true that men are inherently unfaithful. Whether it is true or false, it is necessary to discover whether fidelity is feasible. Most men are known to have occasional flings, girlfriends, boyfriends, and spouses in other locations. And among the successful, yet weak-minded and impressionable, infidelity is contagious.

So how does one protect themselves from attack? Well that my friends is a matter of brainpower and prayer. In my recent travels, I noticed one man's plight to increase his chances at winning this "battle". He was a rather attractive, and successful gentleman in his mid-30's, who happened to be working on a business plan to improve the effectiveness of the Nigerian electricity system. After hours of working on this layout, he took a break. He opened a slide show of family pictures, presumably of his life back in the US, and began studying them intently. He had 3 elementary age boys, , and an astonishingly gorgeous wife, who appeared to be much younger than him. The photos revealed a large brick house in the suburbs and his wife's hair salon. His eyes lit up when a picture of his wife, boiling over with laughter, came onto the screen. He even giggled a bit when photos from a family trip to Disney World graced the screen. The pictures depicted the child-like essence of a family trip. After going through all the pictures in full, he replayed the entire set a second time. When he was done, he slowly repacked his laptop and stowed it away. He pulled out a small book that he had apparently just begun. The book was entitled, "Steps for Being a God-minded Man." An hour later, as I turned to indulge in a little reading, I glanced over and he was preparing to sleep. I reviewed all that I had just seen and it was confirmed; in the battle against infidelity and unfaithfulness the key is: trust, innovation, prayer, and God.

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