Feature: The Art of Interviewing Whitney Houston

We all have some oddities when it comes to personal taste in pleasurable and recreational activities, be it music preference, thrill seeking adventure, or food choice. Personally, I have an affinity towards mega-stars who have given into momentary insanity and are barely able to salvage their careers. Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, and Whitney Houston all fall into that category. But each of them have taken their brief hiatuses, re-energized and regrouped, and made phenomenal comebacks. Michael may not have had the chance, but Whitney is making sure not to miss hers.

After almost 3 decades of career success, and a slew of private and public lows, Whitney "The Voice" Houston returns to the #1 spot with over 300,000 sold in her first week, which I'm sure its just the start, because after all it is "The Voice". Her new album, I Look to You, is slated to sell millions more and Whitney's musical performances and promotional appearance will make sure of that.

While I my have never had the pleasure of interviewing Whitney Houston, I read her autobiography almost 6 years ago, and I know that this woman is good at being all over the place. Dotting eyes, blank stares, sporadic thoughts and avoiding questions are just few of the things that Houston herself admits to doing. That being said, I am extremely interested in seeing how Oprah Winfrey conquers these issues in her personal interview with Whitney, which airs in 2 parts on September 14th and 15th.

This morning I saw Diane Sawyer show a clip from the upcoming Oprah interview. Oprah claims that Whitney was incredibly open, detailed, and raw when it came to answering questions. In fact, Oprah told Sawyer that, "I had to pray and repeatedly watch your [Diane Sawyer] 2002 interview with Whitney in order to be adequately prepared. And then I had to pull her aside and ask her what she wants from this interview, and she said, I want to tell my story."

And I for one am thrilled to finally hear the unfiltered, raw and unedited Whitney Houston story. Look forward to it in the new season of Oprah, airing on September 14th and 15th.

Get your fill of Whitney Houston on her website: click here

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