Fashion Expose: Fake YSL and Louboutin Shoes

In these "recessionary times", its quite understandable that one must make budget cuts where they can, but does that mean employing, overworked, underpaid babies in China for the sake of fashion? It never seizes to amaze me how raw, cold and underhanded some fashionistas can become for a good deal. But when is "good" really "too good to be true"?
As a fashion hobbyist, I very often find myself browsing for the best buys and incredible sales. In fact I even decided to set aside an entire savings account for shopping, but even I know what is far out of my reach. The popular Spring '09 Yves Saint Laurent Cage boots, and a fabulous pair of Christian Louboutins are dream purchases for some future wedding day, unless, of course, they cost a little under $170.
Well let the impossible be possible, because I ran across a website today that sells knock-off designer heels, for prices that are literally too good to be true! I may be alone when I say this, but there is something about fake goods that just stink up the joint. And then I found the source of the funk: the infamous Shanghai address.

The fakes (Run-way Heels.com):

The Real Deal:

The Facts:
-In America alone: an estimated 290,200 underage children were illegally employed, and over 59,600 of them were children under age 14.
-Third world countries pay $0.28/per hr to $30/wk to sweatshop kids
-A child can work up to 200 overtime hrs/mo to break "even"

Fashionistas, the real thing beats a fake any day. Shop smart. Be wise. Be aware.

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